Is it Really Essential?

Is it Really Essential?

An age-old science, essential oils are regaining skin care prominence

By Cora Ciaramello
L.E., C.P.E., LMT Aesthetician

Mmmmm … You just love the aroma of lavender coming from your diffuser. Thanks to essential oils, that delightful and calming fragrance floats throughout your personal space.

Yes, essential oils are all the rage these days, promoting everything from undisturbed sleep, stress relief, headache relief, improved libido, natural healing, you name it.

But seriously, are these oils just another fad-du-jour? Or are they really “essential.”

Well … even though their popularity seemingly sprung up suddenly and has been spiraling upward in recent years, that popularity is actually a resurgence of interest in an ancient science.

Long History

Essential oils have literally been around for thousands of years, used by countless cultures worldwide for anything from religious to healing purposes.

In fact, evidence of the medicinal and healing properties of plants – from which essential oils are derived – have been discovered in cave paintings carbon dated as far back as 18,000 years BC.

With the current awareness of health and wellness growing exponentially, it really should come as no surprise that essential oils are again securing their deserved stature among naturalists and wellness professionals alike.

“Essential oils are fragrant pharmacies and nurturing gifts from nature. The plants’ highly concentrated, volatile extracts of flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, spices and seeds are used to cleanse, nourish, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin and body; relieve stress; balance emotions; address pain; and create a sense of harmony and well-being,” explains a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

“The aromatic molecules absorb and penetrate through our nose to the brain, lungs and the membrane of the skin, and pass directly into the bloodstream for immediate and effective results,” she adds.

‘Essential’ for Skin Care

Chock full of beneficial health promoting ingredients from omega fatty acids to healing medicinal plant properties, it is no wonder essential oils are fundamental to healthy skin and are used in a great many facial regimens.

Our aestheticians at Changes Spa & Aesthetics are fully schooled in the importance of essential oils for healthy skin and are experienced as well in their application as needed. In fact, a majority of our facials include the use of appropriate essential oils for specific skin types.

Our ‘Signature Facial,’ for example, will infuse your skin with essential oils following exfoliation.

Our Hydro Facial – a deep hydrating organic facial – includes the use of essential oils among other natural ingredients to revive and rebalance dehydrated complexions.

A more medicinal facial – Changes Sinus Relief Facial – employs a cleansing hot towel compress infused with eucalyptus essential oils.

Indeed, there is no end to the benefits of essential oils for healthy skin. This is especially true for delicate facial skin, which is always exposed to the elements of nature and environmental conditions.

Whatever the particular issue – acne, blemish-prone, aging, dry skin or even to reduce scarring – the correct treatment with essential oils can support healthy skin.

It may be a centuries old science, but the use of essential oils is still basic to health, wellness and skin care even in the 21st Century. Do call us to make an appointment for a consultation and we will establish the perfect combination of essential oils to bring your skin back to its natural radiance.

It really is essential.  

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