Face Up to New Season with Changes

By Cora Ciaramello
L.E., C.P.E., LMT Aesthetician

Oh, it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Hot one day, cool the next, then muggy, then drizzly, then warm, then hot again. Don’t we wish Mother Nature would make up her mind about the weather already!

Meanwhile, we’re bored with wearing those flowing gauzy tops we bought way back in April, and perhaps we are even longing to get back into a turtle neck sweater. Maybe we’d even like to see our breath floating in the air again on a crisp autumn morning.

Yes, we are more than ready for the seasonal change. And so is our skin – especially our face, the most continuously exposed part of us.

While caring for our skin is a daily routine ‘must’ no matter the season, cyclical changes in the seasons require adjustments to those routines. Not only do our closets need a changeover at this time of year; our skin care and skin care products need a change up as well – especially those for our face.  

“As dry, cooler air arrives, skin may lose precious moisture. Autumn also provides an opportunity to recover from the summer toll on the skin left by sun, chlorine and saltwater,” advises the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons.

Autumn Skin ‘to do’ List

According to professionals at Organic Authority, following are some recommendations for changing your skin care routine, while changing over your closets.

Exfoliate and moisturize!

Here at Changes Spa & Aesthetics, we cannot emphasize enough the need for exfoliation and peels as we leave behind summer and the weathering impact it had on our skin. We must prepare our skin for a dryer, cooler environment. And when applying moisturizer, we recommend using it immediately following a bath or shower. This helps seal in and replenish the skin with necessary water and oils.
Protect your lips!

Continue to protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. But also start moisturizing now to prevent dry, cracked lips this winter.
Switch from lotion to cream!

As the air becomes drier, skin needs a thicker moisturizer. Creams provide a stronger oily barrier to provide hydration. But if you don’t want to let go of your favorite moisturizer, simply elevate it with a booster serum according to your skin’s specific needs.
Don’t forget your hands!

Hands often become dry and cracked during the winter. Start moisturizing them now to ensure soft and healthy hands all winter long. Add a peel to exfoliate and revitalize your hands.
And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Even though the temperatures seem cooler and days shorter, to keep your skin healthy, SPF is always a must, no matter what time of year it is.

Rejuvenate, Repair, Revitalize!

As you rejuvenate and revitalize your wardrobe with rich color and warmer clothing in preparation for the beautiful autumn season, greet autumn by restoring your skin with one of our peel/microdermabrasion packages to address sun damage in the form of sun spots, or other signs of aging.

Greet autumn by restoring your skin with one of our packages.

  • Wildflower Facial Package, 6 Treatments | $300 ($50 each)
    -Express facial
    -microdermabrasion or peel

-Cupping or Ultrasound / LED Infusion
*Extractions not included but may be added for $10

  • Cascade Facial Package, 6 Treatments | $375 ($62.50 each)
    -Express facial
    -microdermabrasion or peel
    -Cupping or Ultrasound/LED infusion
    -Intensive Booster serums
    *Extractions included

  • Summit Facial Package | $495 ($82.50 each)
    -Express facial
    -microdermabrasion or peel
    -Micro-current, the natural facelift to firm and lift
    -one zone (eye, jaw or neck)
    *stimulate facial muscles and cellular metabolism

Goodbye, remnants of sand, sun, surf and chlorine! Let us welcome the new season together: we’ll revitalize your complexion while you revitalize your wardrobe. It’s a win-win all around.  

* Packages cannot be combined with other discounts. To see our full selection of packages, click on “Services” here on our website and select “Packages.” And do visit our Facebook page,, for more professional skincare information and ‘specials.’

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