Save Your Neck

Early and regular care of the neck and décolleté can help foil signs of aging

By Cora Ciaramello
L.E., C.P.E., LMT Aesthetician

Are you “thin skinned?”

The answer – no matter who you are – is a resounding, yes.

But so is everyone.

While we may not all be thin skinned in the negative sense of the term – as in being emotionally overly sensitive – all of us are literally thin skinned in certain areas of our body. These sensitive skin areas include our necks, eyes, hands and décolleté, or upper chest area.

In fact, the average thickness of the face in general is almost double compared to that of the neck and décolleté, meaning there is less subcutaneous fat in those areas.

As a result of the thinner skin, signs of aging appear earlier and more quickly. These areas are also prone to discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as sagging and loose skin.  

In addition, these sensitive areas have a smaller amount of the glands that help lubricate and waterproof the skin with secretions that provide protection from environmental damage. Without this additional protection, the neck and décolleté areas are more prone to drier skin. And as we know, drier skin shows imperfections more quickly than better protected areas.

Early Intervention

But what we may not know, is that early intervention can help stall the tell-tale signs of aging that may begin even before the very first hints of laugh-lines around the mouth and eyes.

While we are all well-schooled regarding the importance of regular facial skin care, we may be forgetting about the most delicate areas – neck and décolleté – until damage is already done. Skin care professionals like those of us here at Changes Spa & Aesthetics, consider these more fragile areas as extensions of the face, and know they need to be treated with additional care.

And the earlier, the better.

In fact, we believe so strongly in early intervention and special care, that we include extra attention to the neck and décolleté with several of our facial treatments.

Special Attention

Our Signature Facial, for example, includes a customized neck and décolleté massage tailored to skin type and condition. Our Purity Facial, which targets acne prone and problematic skin, also includes décolleté massage, as does our Sinus Relief Facial, and our Elevate Mini Facial.

Changes special add-on procedures are particularly effective for treating the delicate neck and décolleté areas as well as helping to delay signs of aging. These treatments include:

  • Meso-lift to stimulate collagen production

  • Exfoliating enzyme peels and therapy with firming serums

  • LED light treatments to ‘plump up’ skin

  • Microdermabrasion to promote and stimulate collagen restoration

  • Massage with therapeutic moisturizers

  • Ultrasound and microcurrent treatments to maintain muscle tone

Indeed, the earlier you include special treatment to the neck and décolleté areas as part of regular facial care, the more likely you can delay early signs of aging.

Aesthetic treatment can also delay decisions for possible future treatments – like fillers and restorative surgery – in later years, which, of course, are determined solely by each individual. As we know, eventual signs of aging are a given and no one remedy can eliminate their eventuality!

But with early attention and continued care, aesthetic treatments can keep your entire face – from scalp to décolleté – at its best for the longest time possible; within budget and without recovery time.

Do give us a call to schedule a consultation or make an appointment for some TLC. We’ll help you save your neck!

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