Get With the Program! Regular Skin Care Needs to be Part of Health Care Rituals

You go to the dentist for a cleaning every six months like clockwork.

You make an appointment for your annual physical even before you receive that friendly reminder postcard.

If you are a female, you wouldn’t think twice about not going for your yearly mammogram. 

If you’re a guy, you can’t fathom not having your PSA checked every year. 

You have your vision checked regularly. 

You make your next appointment even before leaving the salon after a haircut. 

You can’t even imagine not having a skin screening every year.

And should we even get started about how meticulous you are about making checkup appointments for that automobile in your garage? 

But what about your skin – our body’s very first line of defense? Our largest organ? The organ that protects all others, and the one that often signals a problem within – similar to that red warning light on the dashboard of your car? What about it? 

If regular skin care is not part of your health regimen, you are missing an important element of self care. With this New Year, make a fresh start and include regular care of your precious skin a regimen similar to all the other daily, weekly, monthly and annual “musts.” 

As I’ve discussed in my previous blogs, there are tremendous advantages to moisturizing daily, to exfoliating regularly, to regular micro-current treatments, to lymphatic drainage, to sunscreen, and to the use of organic products, all of which happens here at Changes Spa & Aesthetics. 

Additional helpful skin treatments at Changes include wraps, hand peels, back facials and back peels. 

Consider these treatments, especially to the unprotected parts of your skin, since they are most vulnerable as your body’s first line of defense. Your entire face, your hands, your neck, perhaps your feet, and maybe even your legs – depending upon your choice of clothing – all need particular attention and treatments to remain healthy. 

And it is never too early to begin a regular skin care regimen. If you are a parent, consider instilling in your kids the need for a regular and appropriate skin care routine. No doubt, you insist that they brush their teeth twice a day. Insist that they care for their skin as well. 

After all, wasn’t it just “a few days ago” that you were moisturizing their tiny bodies, and cleaning and soothing those chubby little bums with calming products? Similar skin care needs to be taught and continued throughout childhood and beyond.

This is particularly true when kids reach adolescence. Hormones begin to rage and the skin suffers with outbreaks of blackheads and skin erosions. It is during this time that regular trips to a licensed aesthetician can make a difference for kids during those “breakout” years. 

At Changes, we have special treatments and products to tame, soothe, and slow the progress of adolescent skin upheaval. No doubt, when teens see the benefits of regular facial skin treatments, they are beginning a journey of skin care that will become as regular to them as brushing their teeth.

But for those who did not have the advantage of benefitting from regular skin care early on, make this the year to start …. 2018. It is never too late to start learning. And never too late to get on a regimen that will keep your skin healthy, regaining the strength and radiance it was born with. 

Why not start this very day? 

Cora Ciaramello
L.E., C.P.E., LMT Aesthetician