The Eyes

“The eyes”….. “Definitely, the eyes”….. “Eyes for sure.”

Those are a few of the most common answers to that popular question, “What is the first thing you notice about a person?”

No surprise there. The bard William Shakespeare certainly knew what he was writing about when he penned the often quoted, “The Eyes are the window to your soul.”

They are also your window to the world, our sight being one of the first and most important ways we sense our environment.

Indeed, what better reasons to give special care to our precious eyes. Besides regular vision examinations by an eye care professional, there are ways we ourselves can care for the health and appearance of our eyes.

For one, nutrition. Yes, our eyes need to be well fed, especially with carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin. What?  Okay, without getting all crazy scientific, let’s just say that these are nutrients contained mostly in leafy vegetables and other veggies like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Eat them! They are good for your eyes, can help keep them healthy, eye professionals agree, and can keep them looking bright.

Here are some other things we can do ourselves to keep our eyes healthy:

Always wear sunglasses outdoors during the day and make sure they have protection from ultraviolet radiation – UVR – those harmful rays from the sun.

Take regular breaks from computer screens. And, no, that doesn’t mean switching over to your cell phone or tablet! Those are screens too.

Wear your eye glasses or contact lenses if you need them. Squinting is so unattractive and does nothing for your appearance! And continuous squinting will bring on those demon ‘crow’s feet’ we try to avoid as long as possible.

Sleep! Yes, a good night’s sleep is restorative for your entire body. Try to get at least seven to eight hours and notice how much brighter and bigger your eyes look upon waking up. Well…okay….maybe after a half hour or so!

During one of your computer breaks, give your eyes a treat by ‘warming’ them. Rub your palms together to create a bit of warmth and then place them against your eyes for about five seconds…….ahhhh…..feels good, right?

And speaking of ‘ahhhhh,’ one of our eye treatments here at Changes Spa & Aesthetics can also help keep those peepers looking their best. Let’s face it: our lives can often get way too busy or even stressful. When that happens, you can be sure it will show in our eyes. They are, after all, windows reflecting us.

Our ‘Eye Restore’ treatment, for example, incorporates all natural, organic products to bring vibrancy back to tired eyes. Our method also includes enzyme exfoliation, firming serum, lymphatic drainage massage and a hydrating mask. Sounds just like ‘ahhhhh’ – doesn’t it?

Other eye treatments can be found under the ‘Services’ tab on our website.   

Between your eye-care professional, your home care, and us here at Changes, those orbs of yours will always reflect the best of you.

By Cora Ciaramello
L.E., C.P.E., LMT Aesthetician