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  Cora J. Ciaramello

Cora J. Ciaramello

Who is Cora Ciaramello?

If you ask Cora Ciaramello about her profession – one she has been practicing for twenty years – she will likely describe it in several ways. She’ll say she is a licensed massage therapist, electrologist and aesthetician. But after just a few minutes of conversation it becomes obvious she is more than all that. She is following a vocation driven by a passion to help people feel and look their best, promoting health-based skin and body care. 

For Cora, it’s all about helping others feel good about themselves using the skills she learned through years of study, training and doing.
“It’s been a journey,” Cora says, referring to the inspiration that guided her on the path to launching Changes Spa & Aesthetics. The altered course was quite a diversion from the successful sales and marketing career she had been experiencing for nearly two decades; the one college had prepared her for.  
But like many of life’s U-turns and winding roads, Cora’s diversion resulted from some personal circumstances along with a measure of introspection. 

One circumstance was her own boost in self-esteem following a series of skin treatments for some problem areas. She recalls that “The experience boosted my self-confidence and my desire to help others feel better about themselves.”
Resulting from her own experience, Cora decided to switch gears and begin skin care studies, first with electrolysis. She apprenticed part time, while still working in the sales and marketing arena. 
It was after two life-changing experiences, however, that she made the choice to surge full steam ahead on the skin care and wellness track. 

And she has never looked back.
Cora says that it was during her father’s battle with leukemia that she fully realized the benefits and rewards of personal attention and care for others. “When my dad was in the hospital with leukemia, I would go to see him
every day to cleanse and put compresses on his face, hands and feet. I would massage his hands and feet a bit as well,” she adds. 
“It was then and there, that I discovered how happy someone can look and feel,” after soothing attention, “and decided that was what I wanted to focus on as a career.” 

Following this awakening, Cora began intensively studying aesthetics, even taking advanced classes to further her knowledge, experience and skills. As a New Jersey licensed aesthetician and electrologist, she worked at her calling for years at different spas and salons. 
A second life-threatening experience – this one a serious auto accident in which she was involved – motivated Cora to further pursue well-being practices and routines: massage therapy. 

“During my recuperation from the car accident, I discovered how much massage and yoga improved my recovery process.” As a result, Cora decided to add massage therapy to her skills, taking courses to become a fully licensed therapist. She is also a devout yoga enthusiast to keep herself limber and flexible, a vital part of her wellness regimen. 

With so many skills and such a wide breadth of experience – not to mention, Cora’s passion for wellness – it is no wonder that her vision, Changes Spa & Aesthetics, is no ordinary in-and-out salon du jour. 

Cora believes there is no ‘one size fits all’ where skin and wellness are concerned. “I call Changes a ‘boutique’ salon because it is different and unique. It’s not like some franchise that has a revolving door of experts and consultants,” she quips.
“Each client receives a full evaluation. At Changes we aim to provide an authentic skincare experience that provides personalized, results oriented treatments in a relaxed boutique setting. Our goal is to improve our clients’ skin and nourish the body and soul…one client at a time,” Cora emphasizes.

“My passion is helping people look and feel their best!” she adds. And her passion is her goal – one she achieves one client at a time. Just ask one!



  Kim Dentzer

Kim Dentzer

Kim has a passion for skincare and wellness, she is a graduate of Artistic Academy. Kim attends seminars, and conferences to gain insight on the latest advancements in the industry.

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